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  Environmental Protection
Operation According to Environmental Ethics Conscientious social responsibility has led Glovics to promote measures ensuring the health of employees and protection of the environment.
In addition to strive environmental management, safety and hygiene, Glovics has also set a rule of zero accident.
100% involvement in environment protection activities and strict adherence to operation and security regulation are Glovics¡¯ requirement.
Motivated more by genuine concern for the environment than concern for its public image, Glovics' environmentalism will indubitably, prove quite effective.

Environmental principle
As a company specialized in the manufacture of high tech products, we are always in pursuit of creating environment - friendly products for the conservation of the global environment.
To efficiently maintain environmental management system, we are committed to giving environmental conservation full consideration in all aspects.

Environmental policy
As we are committed to environment-friendly corporate activities,
We have a set of environmental policies to minimize the effects our organization
activities, products, services, etc. may have on the environment.
    • Observance of environmental regulations
    • Continuous commitment to environment activities
    • Minimization of pollutant and waste materials