Glovics has developed and marketed access products for RF & Microwave and Digital Products and so on.
Our state-of-the-art technology has been proven by the market.
As the market leader, we also continue to develop the products of Many advanced solutions and to pioneer the development of Optic and RF system based on current market situation.
Glovics is the one who is pushing a limit of technology in various areas.
We shall continuously take the lead in pioneering new possibilities and making an enhanced quality of human life through our highest services and products, which are the natural results of our focusing on Human-resource Management, Customer Oriented,
and Technological Innovation.
Glovics is playing a leading role through endless R&D in communication equipment field as a venture company who held its high IT technical know-how, and will grow to be an international IT equipment company through worldwide export with strategic alliance relationship together with IT industries in whole world.