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Glovics specializes in various products related with RF & Microwave and Digital Communication System.
As a leading R&D-intensive company, we stand at the forefront of the cutting edge technology that goes beyond high Technology Digital communication System and
various RF& Microwave products.
With our excellent technology and ongoing focus on development, we are able to produce high quality Products that are connected to many state arts Technology Systems.
Our range of products is comprehensive and can satisfy the needs of our customers.
We aim to be a global supplier, and we are seeking partners in the world for long-term business relationship based on mutual benefit.
We will continue to expand our technological expertise in electronic product markets.
In addition, our company will continue to pursue new businesses with high profit potential to enhance corporate value and shareholder return as well as customer satisfaction.
Strengthened by superior technological know-how and an excellent workforce, we are dedicated to constant R&D activities.
All our employees here at Glovics are united in the unwavering effort to provide the top high-quality products to our customers.

Thank you.